Are there any species that are doing better because of global warming?



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    Yes. There actually a few species, especially ocean-dwelling creatures, that seem to be benefiting from the warmer temperatures, which allow them to expand their domains in to regions that were previously too cold.  One of the few positive effects of rising ocean temperatures may be the recovery of the endangered Grey Nurse Shark population in the waters of Australia.  For about 100,000 years, there have been two separate populations of Grey Nurse Sharks, separated by a span of water too cold for them to traverse.  As the water temperature rises, these two populations may finally get to meet, which would help to boost their population.  Dolphins will also likely benefit from warmer ocean temperatures, as will jellyfish and starfish.  On land, the most likely beneficiaries of higher temperatures are insects, such as mosquitoes and bark beetles.  While global climate change might seem great for these few species, the expansion of their populations could serve to add to the problems faced by less fortunate species, whose populations are suffering as a result of climate change.

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