Are there any songs about the ocean?



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    There is a beautiful and haunting song called Currach by the Nederland Colorado based band, “Elephant Revival”.  The song is based on an Irish folksong about a child who wanders into a sea during a storm.

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    Some good songs about oceans and water:

    Mermaid by Woodland is a really beautiful song about the ocean:

    Ever So Lonely (Ocean) by Sheila Chandra:

    Not about the ocean, but a funny song about a whale is The Whale by Burl Ives:

    Caribbean Blue by Enya doesn’t mention the ocean, but has an aquatic sound that’s really beautiful:

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    Here are some songs I can think of and find:

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    In addition to all of the great suggestions provided, I would like to add that Youtube is a good search engine for music if you are looking to find more. You can specify that you want music by typing “(subject of interest here), music” into the search bar. For example if you want to find songs about the ocean, you can simply type “ocean, music.” The comma indicates a separation between your subject of interest and the type of video you want to see. This can help you find thousands more songs. Anyway, enjoy!

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    The song they play at the end in Finding Nemo.

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    There are many great songs referenced already in this thread, but I know of a few other songs dealing with the ocean that I think are great.

    Oceans by Pearl Jam:

    Amongst the Waves by Pearl Jam:

    Coppertank Island by Fair to Midland:

    Sinking Ships by Opus Dai:

    Katsushika by Rishloo:

    and also Oceans by Puscifer:

    All rights to the artist and thank you for such wonderful music.


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