Are there any solar powered hot tubs?



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    The website I have provided sells solar hot tub kits which can be easily installed into a hot tub.

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    Allegedly, solar powered hot tub kits can be purchased from ABC Solar Incorporated. They claim that “where there is enough sun to power the 12V pump, there is enough sun to heat the water.” Prices range from around $1,000 to $2,000, according to their website, which is listed below.

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    Although there are solar powered hot tub kits available, the reason why there aren’t any solar powered hot tubs on the market is because there is a low demand. In order to use a hot tub that is solar powered, one must live in an area with a lot of sun. Many people in cold regions like hot tubs because it is relaxing in the cold weather. Well there is not usually that much sun in the cold weather, so this is problematic.

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    Yes there are kits avaiable as mentioned above. Why not create your own solar hot tub though.

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