Are there any solar powered home appliances?



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    Although there are many types of solar powered appliances availble such as fans, lights and so on, one of the best means of going green is implementing solar powered homes, which would negate the need to purchase hundreds of smaller solar powered products, since the home itself would generate all the power needed. I have attached two websites, one that sells solar products and one that sells solar panels for homes.


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    Yes, there are solar powered ovens, fountains, lighting, fans and battery chargers.

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    Yes there are solar powered home appliances. One example is solar water heating, it costs much less than having your home wired for solar PV and is very effective. There are a lot of companies that sell solar water heating devices. It can even be done without solar panels be placing a special box on your roof that has a series of tubes that heat up water from the sun. 

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