Are there any solar powered home charging stations for electric vehicles?



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    There are a few solar chargers out there. However, it is generally best put solar power directly into the grid and charge electric cars at night from wind power and other sources of energy that are still running at night when the demand for electricity is low. A lot of energy gets wasted at night because nobody uses it. Demand for energy is highest during the day, and many energy companies charge users higher fees for using energy during the day than they charge at night. This means that electric car owners who are not planning to drive on a particular day could charge their cars at night and then make a profit by selling electricity back to the grid in the middle of the day.

    If you are really into charging your car directly from solar power, just install bunch of solar panels on your roof and plug your car into a regular 3-prong outlet that you already have around your house. That way, you can use the solar power for other things as well and sell the electricity to the grid when you are not using it. Enjoy 🙂

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