Are there any solar powered air conditioning units?



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    There certainly are.  The market for solar powered air conditioning units is expanding and prices are becoming more affordable at a consumer level as technology improves.  I would check out a couple of the links below depending on what you’re looking for in terms of size and price.  Apparently they also have fan-based cooling systems that are solar powered available for your car.

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    Late September 2010, Shandong Vicot Air Conditioning Unit Co., debuted the first solar powered air conditioning unit.  The Chinese based company showed the new unit at the 2010 World Solar-Powered Air Conditioning Development Forum in Dezhou, China.  “The unit achieves an optimal 85-percent thermal cooling conversion efficiency, and is 27 times more efficient at converting solar insolation to cool air than the average solar water heater.”  Chinese and American scientist collaborated to create the technology needed for the solar powered units. 

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