Are there any small rural towns that provide their own energy?



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    There are actually multiple small towns all over the world that are self sufficient. Yanaizu Town in Japan is 3290% energy self-sufficient thanks to their geothermal energy plants using volcanic energy. Another example is Simso, Denmark which is a small island off the coast of Denmark. They have achieve self sufficiency with wind turbines and using straw burning furnaceses for heat. Paimio, Finland has also achieved self sufficiency using biogas technology using the household and farming waste from this rural town.

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    Here in the United States there are a number of towns that have become, or have become close, to being energy independent. Caroline New York has an entire coalition to urge energy independence.

    Rock Port Missouri has claimed to be the first in the United States to become energy independent through renewable energies.

    I know that when I showed up to a homeowners association meeting suggesting a single wind turbine be erected to give energy to all 300 homes, ears perked up quick.

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