Are there any sloths left in the world?



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    Certainly there are sloths left in the world.  They are indeed endangered, but they aren’t extinct.  There are Three-toed Sloths still left in South America, mostly in Brazil.  There are many sloths still left in India, and there are two-toed sloths left in Central and South America.  However, populations are decreasing and it is possible that one day these slow, peaceful creatures will indeed be absent from the world.

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    There are a number of two-toed and three-toed sloths in central and south america. In most places we do not know what their population size is or whether they are endanger or not. Sloths spend most of their time up in the canopy of trees and can be difficult to spot. Also, it is difficult logically to study in the tropical areas where they live because they are remote and difficult to access.

    More research needs to be done to determine just how sloths are doing in the wild, but they are certainly still there. I just recently saw a female with her baby in Omar Torrijos National Park in central Panama!

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