Are there any skyscrapers with built in gardens?



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      Green Buildings are “in” and skyscrapers use green technology. Not only do they have gardens built in these skyscrapers the designs of them various green technology such as rain capture systems, solar panels, recycled steel, geothermal heat systems and will factor in use of natural light. Roof gardens, also referred to as vertical farming, have been around and made use of the roof space for growing food especially in dense populations in other countries.

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    The list shebola100 mentions is a great resource for your question. There are also many plans for ecofriendly skyscrappers that utilize garden space for farming. These buildings are thought to be the way cities will grow food in the future. A professor at Columbia University by the name of Dr. Dickson Despommier is a founding innovater in the area. His concentrations are in environmental sciences and microbiology. The idea behind the farming skyscrapers is to provide food to land deficient populations, so any urban area with a highly concentrated population would benefit greatly from this kind of urban farming.  Despommier proposes that 150 of his vertical towers could feed all of New York City. The skyfarms are also ecofreidnly in that they are huge greenhouses, which protect crops from weather and pests and contaminated run-off. Sky farms could also help the rainforest; forest land that is being destroyed for farming could be reforested, which would help reduce global warming. None such sky scraper farms exist yet, but we could see the rise of this type of innovation in the next five to ten years. 

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