Are there any skin problems if you get botox?



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    I am a licensed esthetician and, yes, there can be complications with Botox injections.  First, you have to realize that with botox you are injecting a foreign agent into the skin, with this, there is always a risk that you may have an allergic reaction.  Also, with prolonged exposure to Botox the skin can be permanently damaged and the temporary paralyzation invoked by the drug could become permanent or cause permanent damage to the skins elasticity.  Botox can be a good preventative to reduce wrinkles but it is important to remember that you’re injecting a derivative of the botulin toxin into your body’s largest organ, the skin.  There could be side effects to this procedure and it should be very carefully considered before doing so.

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    There are several risks that may result from the use of botox. The two major areas of side effects are paralysis of the wrong muscle group and allergic reaction. In cosmetic use, it can result in inappropriate facial expression such as drooping eyelids, double vision, uneven smile, or loss of the ability to close eyes. Bruising can occur at the site of injection but it is not an effect of the toxin, but rather the mode of administration. 

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    I’m also a practicing esthetician and am undecided on my stance towards botox.  I held a bias against it, convinced it wasn’t natural…but my friend is in the medical field and sent me the following information:


    “It is derived from a bacteria called clostridium botulinum. It’s a neurotoxin the bacteria releases to survive inside of people. So it’s natural. It’s considered a toxin by the bacteria but when people isolate it and give it in small super diluted doses, it is useful.

    It works by basically not letting the axons of your nerves release acetlycholine (a neurotransmitter) into the synaptic cleft. Consequently, the transmission of the signal by the nerve is stopped. You can imagine this has a number of uses. It is not just cosmetic, it allows us to help people with muscle spasms (overactive nerve stimultation), eye conditions like strabismus (a condition involving messed up eye muscles so one eye points in another direction), and, of course, derms use it for wrinkles. It can be used for wrinkles because it will relax the muscle around the wrinkle and thus the skin will lie flat. People look funny with botox when they go overboard and they cant even use their eye brows. If a little is injected in the right spots by a trained doctor, the wrinkles can look far less unsightly. The thing is not everyone is ok with just a little bit because they want to look so much younger. And doctors have recently been using it for people who sweat too much (paralyzes the muscles that eject sweat) and incontinence (over active bladder situtations with an overactive detrusor muscle). “


    Probably more information you were looking for but useful nonetheless.  Essentially, the skin can react like previously mentioned either through irritation, allergy, or incorrect application.

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