Are there any simpson episodes that talk about environmental problems?



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    The Simpsons movie is all about the Environmental Protection Agency. Furthermore, since Homer works for a nuclear power plant, they indirectly touch on environmental energy issues in almost every episode!

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         The episode where Homer’s boss Mr. Burns runs for governor contains an excellent example of greenwashing. Using an actor portraying Charles Darwin, Mr. Burns convinces gullible voters that the mutant fish found near his power plant is a “super fish”.

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    Another episode is “The Old Man and the Lisa”. In this episode, Lisa teaches Mr.Burns about the importance of recycling, especially related to oceans. Also, early in the years of The Simpsons, there is an episode called “Lisa the Vegatarian”, where Lisa becomes a vegetarian after meeting a baby lamb. There is also “Lisa the Tree Hugger”, where Lisa sits in a tree to prevent it from being cut down.

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