Are there any shoes made from bamboo?



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    Their are some shoes made in part from bamboo.  I Luv Planet Earth brand makes green shoes, and they do have a slipper that advertises 100% bamboo terry, with memory foam insoles and Thermo Plastic Rubber soles. 

    A word of caution, Bamboo brand shoes are not eco-friendly despite the name.

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    Yes, clothes and shoes can be made from bamboo (google: bamboo shoes for buying options). However, bamboo-made materials are not necessarily environmentally-friendly “because of the strong chemical solvents used to cook the bamboo plant into a viscose solution that is then reconstructed into cellulose fiber for weaving into yarn for fabric”–though marketing schemes sure would have us believe otherwise.

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    Although I couldn’t find information on how the bamboo they use is processed, Simple Shoes uses bamboo in many of their shoes, taking advantage of its anti-microbial properties to help prevent smelly shoes and feet. Simple tries very hard to achieve 100% sustainability in their shoe production, so unlike other companies that may use bamboo as a material in their shoes to try and make them look more eco-friendly, I would trust that if Simple is able to do anything in processing their bamboo to help reduce environmental impact, they would.

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