Are there any shoe companies that are sustainable?



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    Simple Shoes of Santa Barbara, CA makes their shoes from recycled paper, wool and car tires, organic cotton and eco-certified leather.  They also strive to be sustainable in their manufacture and other business practices.

    This article brings up some good points about sustainability – just changing the materials we use to build shoes isn’t enough of a change.  Part of being sustainable is reducing waste, so replacing the worn our parts of shoes rather than just throwing them away is a good move for sustainability.

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    Simple shoes look to be leading company in producing sustainable footwear. Another option to note is a model by Brooks, a leading brand in running shoes. Their “green silence” model ($100) is made of recycled materials and the color comes from soy-based inks. Brooks produces some of the most highly-regarded training sneakers, and this green shoe is a great option for runners.

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    Yes, there are plethora of sustainable shoe companies out there. Styles range from casual to dressy.

    Here are some companies that sell sustainable shoes (see the Nimli link below):

    Autonomie Project – Most of the shoes they sell are sneakers that resemble Converse All Star shoes. If you’re looking for casual, basic shoes, this is a good company to look into.

    Cri de Coueur – Trendy, stylish women’s shoes.

    Neuaura  – Trendy, stylish women’s shoes.

  has an Eco-Friendly category. I’ve provided the link below.

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