Are there any animals that set traps for food?



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    Well, the most famous example would be spider webs. They are spun by many species of spiders and act as traps for insects and other small animals, that are then eaten by the spider.

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      Another good example is the antlion sand pit trap. The larvae of the antlion insect digs a round pit in the sand as deep as possible without sand wall collapsing and places itself at the bottom with only the jaws sticking out of the sand. Any insects that crawl into the trap will slip down straight into the antlion’s mouth. If the insect tries to climb out, the antlion can throw sand at them, simultaneously undermining the walls and making more sand collapse towards it together with the prey.

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    The ichneumon wasp sets traps for its food. It lures its prey to them and the female pierces the prey with its ovipositor, which is a “thin tube extending backward from the wasp’s rear end, may be many times as long as the body itself” ( The paralyzed prey, usually larvae, caterpillars, butterflies, spiders, etc is then injected with the ichneumon wasp’s eggs. The prey, paralyzed, but alive, is the host of the wasp’s unborn young, which, when the young hatches, eats the host. So, paralysis is being trapped. Stephen Gould talks a lot about this wasp, so he may be a good person to check out for further information!

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