Are there any services that will clean a mattress?



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    Yes. Those with allergies or bug infestations (dust mites and other “bed bugs”) or just a need to clean a mattress without wanting to buy a whole new one, can benefit from mattress cleaning services. The first link below is a search engine you can enter “mattress cleaning service” and it will come up with various related businesses in your area. Some business include the whole house to rid you of the problem so it does not return (helpful for those with allergies or asthma).

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    There are many services that will clean your mattress, but you can do it yourself if you wish with products lying around the house. You may wish to put a mattress protector on to prevent more stains and dust in the future after you clean it.

    To clean a mattress, I would vacuum it if it is dry. Then, spray vinegar liberally on any stain until it is soaked. Let it sit for a minute and then put baking soda on the stain. Let the reaction take place and when dry vacuum it up. This usually gets the effect of the stain out even if there is still evidence that it existed. You can also try borax and water if the stain is still there or repeat the previous steps again.

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    There are many services are available with cleaning related, which you can get through the online services. However you can take the help of restoration resource cleaning portal where you can get all the best cleaning information.


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