Are there any services that can help my office be more green?



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    There are great services your company can use and practices your company can adopt to become greener.

    First, your company can encourage electronic documentation. You can also begin double-sided printing and photocopying of all materials that must have hard copies, and go on to contract a service who will take care of recycling any and all recyclable paper waste.

    Encourage also, that office supplies are ordered in a green manner. Purchasing recycled products whenever possible and lessening the frequency of orders will help to reduce your office’s carbon footprint as well.

    In the office kitchen, suggest the use of real tableware instead of disposables. This will immediately minimize waste. Keep a nice collection of plates, utensils, glasses, and mugs on hand for office staff to use.

    In terms of other services your office could utilize, you may want to look at having any aluminum cans and plastic bottles that are generated be recycled as well. Having a water filtration system for the office kitchen tap can also greatly reduce the amount of plastic bottles in circulation.

    Check out for greener office supplies!

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