Are there any “seasons” in the rainforest?



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    Not as we experience them further away from the equator.  In fact, there is very little temperature difference between the hottest and coldest months in most tropical rain forests.  That being said, some tropical rain forests do have monsoon seasons where torrential rain is almost a daily occurrence.  

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    Temperate or Tropical rainforest?

    The temperate rainforests have four different seasons and their winter is distinct.

    Winter and spring are the seasons of most precipitation. In the summer, the temperate rainforests are green and lively. In the fall, the green turns into a plentitude of colors due to the decrease in chlorophyll: red, orange, brown… If interested to know more about each season, you can find more details here: .


    Tropical rainforests on the other hand do not really have what we would traditionally call “seasons”: for example, you cannot really separate a dry season from a wet one as you would with the Temperate rainforest which has more precipitation in the Winter and the Spring. Tropical rainforests are, most of the time, just warm and… rainy. If  some of them do happen to have seasonal rains, the breaks in between those seasonal rains are typically not long enough for any dryness to occur. For this reason, most tropical rainforests are evergreen and unlike the Temperate ones, keep their leaves at all time.

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