Are there any seagull species that are endangered?



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    Seagulls are not on the endangered species list.  On the contrary they are rapidly growing in number and becoming a nuisance.  They have become a problem in central California and are being held responsible for one of the reasons why the salmon are quickly diminishing.  The more seagulls that are reproduced, the less fish there are.

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    No, there does not appear to be any seagulls on the endangered species list. They are a pretty adaptable species as seen by there presence at landfills and trash depots.

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    There are no endangered gull species currently, but there is at least one threatened one. The Lava gull, found only in the Galapagos islands is the rarest species of gull in the world. It’s future is uncertain as invasive species colonize the islands and environmental degradation becomes more widespread.Lava Gull

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