Are there any scientists that believe in creationism?



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    As a matter of fact, there are and they include Louis Pasteur (of the pasteurization process) and Blaise Pascal (invented the barometer). Across multiple disciplines, many respected scientists have chosen to see creationism as the most reasonable explanation for the existence we know and share. Others simply do not rule out the possibility that science itself was put into place by an intelligent creator. As many ways as there are to think about god and the universe, there are as many ways to think about combining the two.

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    Yes, there were scientists who believed in creationism. The following list contains several scientists who were noted to have believed in a creationist: 

    Steven A. Austin

    Francis Bacon

    Thomas G. Barnes

    Arthur V. Chadwick

    D. Russel Humphreys

    Gregor Mendel

    Gary E. Parker

    James Simpson

    Charles B. Thaxton

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    I accept the theory of evolution and believe in creationism at the same time. I am Catholic, and when I was going through the process of confimation, I was taught to read the Bible like a love song. A love song is true in the sense that the powerful feelings it conveys are true, but in many cases the words themselves are not literally true when taken out of context. The way I look at it, the seven “days” could have been several billion years because God may not measure time the same way that humans measure time.

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