Are there any scientists that believe that California can break off into the ocean?



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    From what I have read, there seems to be a misconception concerning what scientists believe when it comes to the breaking off of California. Semiologists actually predict that there will be a massive earthquake measuring as high as 8.0 that will hit California within the next 30 years. Based on this, people have speculated that this earthquake will cause a massive shift in the San Andreas fault that runs right through California. There is one part of state that lies on the Pacific plate and one that lies on the North American plate causing an eventual break off. However, it is noted that if a shift of this magnitude does occur, it would take millions of years for the state to actually separate from the rest of country. Each massive earthquake would only cause the pieces of land to separate by as much as a foot.

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    From what I have been told and from what I have read, it would be impossible for California to fall off into the ocean because of the type of fault line that occurs here. The San Andreas fault line is a transform fault, which means that the landmasses on either side of the fault are moving alongside each other in opposite directions, not away or towards each other (which would be a divergent or convergent fault, respectively). If the San Andreas fault were a divergent fault with subduction forces, it might move away from the continent and lower into the ocean, but as it is this will probably not occur. Also, as the image below shows, it is only a small sliver of California that is separated from the rest by this fault.

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