Are there any schools that use 100% solar panels?



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    I am not so sure about a school completely on solar power, but the state of California is currently working on an energy saving program called the California Solar Schools.  The initiative is in partnership with a solar panel company called SunPower.  Solar subsidiaries that are local to the area are helping to fund the project.  Solar panels are to be installed on a number of schools with the intent of decreasing energy costs and teaching students about renewable energy.  These schools will not be 100% solar power, but the project is expected to install 90 solar arrays at various California schools.  Five of these arrays can provide 80% of a schools power.

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    Butte College in California produces more electricity from renewable energy sources than it consumes. See link below for more information.

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    I think that solar powered schools will become one of the greater known technologies in the not so distant future. While there only seems to be a handful of establishments utilizing the solar technologies  thus far, while more green methods of acquiring energy are being explored, it is not surprising that hospitals and schools are the first to look into what they can do to get the most bang for their buck.

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    To my knowledge, there are no schools that are run solely on solar power, but there are hospitals. Hospital Bulape in Zaire treats 50,000 outpatients a year, and the hospital is run using only solar energy.

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