Are there any Saturday morning cartoons about the environment?



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    As soon as I saw your question a memory of such a thing popped into the recesses of my mind, and a few minutes of websearching finally found the one I remember, Captain Planet and the Planeteers! The Planeteers were five teenage kids with the power to control the elements — earth, fire, wind, water, and heart — thanks to rings given them by Gaea. And combining these powers summons Captain Planet, environmental superhero. Additionally, each young person hails from a different part of the world — something maybe our leaders could take a page from in the upcoming Copenhagen talks. Each episode would feature a different environmental bad guy, and the Planeteers successful adventures to thwart their evil deeds. The show began in 1993 and included 113 episodes, one of the more successful runs of the 1990s.

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    There used to be a show called Science Court, presented in Squiggle-vision, that dealt with scientific concepts, with an environmental bent. Characters were put on trial for committing crimes against science and nature. They were taught a lesson on how the world worked, and how to positively interact with the environment. It only ran for one season but I remember it being hilarious.

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