Are there any rules to follow on what you can and cannot recycle?



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    Every municipality has different rules for recycling. Most of them will provide you with a pamphlet if you call and request one or the information can be found online.

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    You can almost recycling everything you use in your home from all plastics numbered 1-7 (they need to be cleaned out before you recycle them), cardboard boxes, all paper, aluminum cans, glass, milk cartons, these are the typical things you can recycle. Some places will say you can’t recycle pizza boxes (why I don’t know), glass is becoming a non-recycled material in some states because they can’t find buyers to use it as frequently as they can plastic. I would check with your local recycling company to see what they will and won’t take.

    But I know someone that owns a recycling company and they said the biggest thing they want people to start doing before they recycle things is to makes sure all the food is out of the container before they throw it in the recycle bin, so remember to do that!

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