Are there any rivers that you can just drink out of without filtration?



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    Although i am not completely certain, from what i have learned in my environmental science college courses, there is no such thing. There are far too many hazards with drinking unfiltered water. There are too many chemicals that can build up within our bodies and not be completely digested, and instead form into a disease preventing us from eating, or permanently make us sick, often resulting in death. There are places all over the world, even in third world countries, who have access to rivers around them for drinking and bathing purposes, but as a result they do not live long because there are too many harmful substances flooding the water. It is not healthy. If it was, there would not be a clean water crisis even in the United States as i learned in class. Our bottled water today has been through a series of filtered process which allow it to be consumed and digested. My assumption is, if there was such a river, or lake, it would be discovered and there would have already been attempts to duplicate the successful process from which it was formed.

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