Are there any rivers that are running dry that used have a lot of water in them in the United States?



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    The Colorado River is the most notable river that’s running dry in the United States.  The reasons for the Colorado running dry falls purely on the greed of humans.  The river runs through one of the driest areas of the country, the American Southwest.  It is dammed up three times, by the Hoover Dam, Davis Dam, and the Glen Canyon Dam.  All of these dams are massive and provide energy to large, sprawled metropolitan areas that have grown well beyond their carrying capacity (Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Las Vegas). 

    Not only have the dams altered the volume of water that flows downstream, but it has altered the rivers composition by transforming it from a warm, muddy watered river to a cold, clear watered river, which has decimated the native fish population. 

    The river is running dry because of the excessive use by the 8 American States that the river flows through.  The Colorado River used to flowing into the ocean, however it now drys up somewhere in Mexico.

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    Yes. The Colorado River used to channel water over 1,500 miles from the Rocky Mountains to the Gulf of Mexico. But dams, irrigation, and diverting has caused the river’s water levels to decrease over the last decade. With the addition of climate change as a problem the river’s levels are expected to decrease another 5-20% in the coming years.

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    The Rio Grande used to be a mighty river, but it’s gotten sucked up for irrigation and has also been the victim of several droughts within the past two decades.  Sometimes  parts of it completely dry up leaving dead fish strewn about the empty bed.  In droughts it doesn’t even flow all the way to the ocean anymore; rather it kind of trickles off into the sand.     

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    The South Platte River of Colorado has also been completly altered for the purposes of irrigation and urban use. The river is 100 percent recyled when it leaves the Denver area. It is also, heavily polluted by nitrogen fertilzers, PCBs, sediment, and volatile organic compounds. Heavy metals persist in the water as well, as a result of past mining operations.

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