Are there any restaurants that serve vegan food?



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    There are many!  If they are not exclusively vegan, there are many restaurants that are exclusively vegetarian or offer vegan options.  To see a comprehensive list, visit the link.  Hopefully you can find one near you that you enjoy 🙂

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    Depending on what city you are in, there might be lots of vegan options. Here is California, and specifically in San Francisco, there are many vegetarian restaurants and vegan restaurants. There is a website that will list vegetarian and vegan restaurants near you. There is also an increasing trend of restaurants including vegetarian and vegan options on their regular non-vegetarian menus. 

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    There are MANY places here in California, one is a very good chain here in Los Angeles called CALIFORNIA VEGAN.  It is very good, and they are planning on expanding!  

    So keep your eyes peeled in your area! 

    Also if you are near Chicago check of CHICAGO DINER, which is located in Boystown on Halstead street 

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    Also many ethnic restaurants that do not consider themselves ‘vegan’ per se, but serve dishes that do not include animal products. Chinese, Indian and Mexican restaurants are some examples.

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    Sure are!  In New Jersey, there’s a chain of vegetarian Asian restaurants called Veggie Heaven.  It’s 99% vegan (one or two dishes contain honey), and 100% vegetarian.  It’s also absolutely delicious.

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    Today there are plenty of options for vegans who want to dine out.  Some go even as far as having uncooked or all raw foods on the menu.  For a whole list of raw food restaurants, visit the website below. 

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    It is especially easy to find restaurants specializing in vegan foods in urban areas. One of the best resources out there is and you can also get reviews for each search result. Simply typing vegan restaurants will bring you various results including vegetarian restaurants since they most often also cater to vegans. Bon Appetit!

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    Definitely. A restaurant doesn’t need to be vegan to serve vegan food. Any restaurant that serves a marinara sauce, or a simple salad is serving vegan food. Asian food is probably most likely to naturally not use meat or dairy. Sushi, in fact, can be very vegan friendly. (Avocado rolls are a personal favorite of mine.) Most restaurants are also sensitive to food allergies and can make a vegetarian meal vegan by excluding the dairy.

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    There are lots of them! I live in Northern California and there are lots and lots to choose from here. I would definitely say that cities and urban areas are your best bet for finding vegan restaurants. Also, one good thing to know is that if you go out to eat you can often say “I’m vegan” and a lot of restaurants can make a plate of seasonal vegetables with some kind of dairy, meat free starch. Just ask! You’d be surprised… sometimes the vegan plates look better than whats on the menu.

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