Are there any restaurants that donate leftover food?



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    It’s shocking how many restaurants are reluctant to donate leftover food.  I do not know of any major restaurant chain that does this.  The excuse used to be that the restaurants didn’t want to be liable for food they donate, but the General Assembly passed a law last yea that eliminates the liability from restaurants. There are certain pastries shops which have programs to donate their leftover pastries.  Panera Bread started the Day-End Dough-Nation program, which donates their leftover bread products on a daily basis.
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    Pasadena restaurants like: Robin’s Woodfire BBQ Grill,  Gale’s, Mijares, Green Street, El Portal, El Cholo, Teri & Yaki and Robin’s, and Restaurant Depot have all joined together to donate their leftovers. They offer a free hotmeal (of leftovers) for everyone on Wednesdays. You can read more about this in the attached article.

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    David I. Andelman, founder of the Restaurant and Business Alliance and chief executive officer of the Phantom Gourmet Restaurant owners said that restaurant owners are willing to donate food to the homeless. Owners are incredibly generous people but fear getting sued if they donate their unused food. A new legislative bill removes the risk of liability for them if someone gets sick from food they donate and agencies get the food they need.

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