Are there any restaurants in America that only use free range beef?



  1. 0 Votes promotes farms that raise livestock on pasture and feed it grass. The site provides good directories listing restaurants in many states that serve meat (and eggs and dairy) from these farms, which you may find helpful. It doesn’t specify whether the restaurants only use this meat. It may depend on the restaurant.

    From this link, you can go to pages for particular states’ grass-fed meat, eggs, and dairy farms. Some of the states, e.g. Massachusetts and Virginia, feature a “Beyond the Farm” link that lists restaurants serving grass-fed products. (The link may also list buying clubs, farmer’s markets, and stores that sell the products.) Other states, e.g. Rhode Island, do not have this link.

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    I live in Washington State, and a lot of non-corporate restaurants use local products including free range beef. You can always ask at a restaurant where their meat comes from.

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    I live in Portland, OR and we have a ton of restaurants that serve only free range. A new one just popped up that is a “healthy diner!” It costs a little more but totally worth it! It’s called Dick’s Kitchen. 

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    MANY restaurants use free range beef, from high end to your local spot. Just be sure to ask, but you’d be surprised at how many do.

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