Are there any resources to decode brands ethics/sustainability, and which brands/companies should be avoided at all costs?



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    Yes, there are several resources. GreenSeal is a company that certifies products as environmentally sustainable. The Carbon Disclosure Project catalogues which companies are trackng their carbon emissions and trying to reduce them. There are also various green trade associations that list their members so I’d encourage to poke around on the web for sectors you’re interested and then see if there’s a green trade assocation in that sector.

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    I don’t know of any one broadly developed guide for that, but product/economy  focused media like Consumer Reports and Business Insider do frequently review “green” products or what businesses are impacting the planet badly.   Consumer Reports, especially is highly regarded, and while they might not print all the stuff that goes on behind the scenes (like Apple’s suppliers dumping waste into Chinese towns) they’ll review supposedly eco-friendly products pretty thoroughly and without bias.   Another possibility is to google by area “fashion” for example along with the words “eco” or “environmentally friendly.”  Also Annie Leonard does a lot of research into the environmental behavior of different companies and how things are made.  Her main page is   

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