Are there any reserves that protect Pandas?



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    Yes, there are. Wolong National Nature Reserve in China, for example, is renowned for its status as a giant panda sanctuary. It has an area of 494,200 acres and is home to 150 giant pandas total. The Wolong Reserve works to help grow the panda population, although that is a difficult task.

    Many other species live at the Wolong Reserve, including red pandas, golden monkeys, white-lipped deer, and gnus.

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    The Wolong Natural Reserve is a 494,200 acre sanctuary for giant pandas that can be found in China.  It was started in 1963 and has 150 pandas within its borders.

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    I dont know the name of these place but i’ve seen on Animal planet a show about a place in China where they keep Pandas, but i think it’s mostly for breeding.

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