Are there any Redwood forests ouside of California?



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    Yes, there are small remnants of Redwood forests outside of California.You can still find some redwoods in southern Oregon. 

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    Yes there are.  Redwoods have three genera whose common names are the Costal Redwood, the Dawn Redwood and the Sierra Redwood. 

    The Dawn Redwood is currently found in small protected forests in Sichuan Hubei provinces of China. Additionally, it is the only deciduous tree in the redwood family.

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    redwoods only come on California AND Oregon




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    Redwood forests are not limited to California. There are some forest groves of redwoods in Oregon. But redwood forest is not limited to California and Oregon either. New Zealand, for example, has one non-indigenous forest of coast redwoods that was planted many  years ago. They could grow in many areas if people chose to plant enough of them. Their main natural range is California and Oregon, though.

    If by redwoods you also mean Dawn Redwood, there is a small forested area in China with some of those.

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