Are there any recipe’s for dandylions?



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    Many recipes in fact. The classical name for dandelions Tarraxicum officionales is derived from the Greek words taraxos and achos, meaning a remedy for disorders. It was believed that the flower, when consumed, had medicinal properties. One of the most well known recipes for dandelions is dandelion wine. 1) Pick the flowers. 2) Add boiling water. Let sit for 2 days. 3) Add sugar, orange, and lemon at a low boil. 3) When cool, add yeast and yeast nutrients (important) 4) Let sit for three days. 5) Strain into a fermentation vessel. 5) Let it age for a year. 6) Drink up.

    To read a more detailed recipe, click here:

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    You can use dandelions in a lot of different thingsā€”I found some really interesting recipes at the top link cited below (did you know you can fry dandelions?!). Check them out! One that looked particularly appetizing was for Dandy Muffins and Bread, which even gives instructions on choosing good dandelions. Apparently you want to look for ones growing away from streetsides, and pick them in the morning before they’ve fully opened. Mix them in with the bread ingredients and bake for a delicious and unique treat.

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    Yes. Dandelion can generally be used like other greens. However, I found that like other greens (kale, bok choy, etc.) they were best when cooked slightly. This eases the texture making it easier to eat. Here is a website that has several recipes for dandelion greens. 

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    Dandelions are great ingredient for recipes. They are loaded with magnesium, contain more iron than spinach and substantial vitamin A. Yet, they have a bold bitter taste that I have sometimes found to be  less than desirable. As a result, I began incorporating dandelion greens into my juicing. The sweetness found in other fruits and vegetables has a tendency to tame the sharp bite of the dandelion.

    If your yard is left untreated with chemicals you could pick your own dandelions right out back. Just be aware that the dandelions found in the spring tend to have a much more mild flavor compared to those maturing in the summer. 

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