Are there any rainforests in North America?



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    Yes! Much of the Pacific Northwest, for example, is considered to be a temperate rainforest. Such rainforests, of course, are not the typical movie-style wildlands one thinks of when one hears the word “rainforest” (no palms, no crazy vines, no monkeys!). However, a rainforest is classified precisely by how much rain it receives, and the Pacific Northwestern forests do count! There are also temperatre rainforests throughout much of Alaska and British Columbia.

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    There are temperate rain forests that are found in North America.

    The temperate rain forests of West, which are mainly found on the Pacific coast ranging from the Kodiak Island in Alaska, down to California. And also the Appalachian rain forests, found only on the eastern part of North America, in the southern Appalachian Mountains.

    You can see where they are located on the map below:


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