Are there any rainforests in New Zealand or Australia?



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    I can’t link to photos on this computer, but this website shows a picture of the continents, highlighting where there are rainforests. There is dense and lush undergrowth in Australian tropical forests, containing many species that are not found anywhere else in the world. When New Zealand, Australia, and New Guinea were all part of one older supercontinent, rainforests covered much of it. Even though they have broken up into separate landmasses now, there are still large tracts of rainforest covering large areas.

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    Yes. Temperate rainforests can be found on the western shore of New Zealand’s South Island and on New Zealand’s North Island. Australia has small sections of rainforest on the Cape York Peninsula in the Northeastern part of the country. More used to exist but due to large fires for agricultural purposes, the rainforests have been unable to replenish themselves.  

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