Are there any pygmy people left?



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    Yes, there are currently tribes of pygmy people scattered around the globe. The most commonly known group resides in tropical Africa. However, there is also a group of Pygmies in Asia, where they are referred to as Negritos. However, though Pygmies who have not changed their cultures exist, such as the Bambuti in the Congo region, most Pygmy groups have culturally assimiliated to the customs of their non-Pygmy neighbors.

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    As aforementioned, the most well-known Pygmy population is found scattered throughout Africa. It is estimated that there are about 500,000 Pygmy people left. Their existence and way of life is dependent on the forests and so deforesation and loss of land are forcing Pygmy people from their homes without compensation. This combined with their lack of recognition as an “indigenous” group could contribute to a significant decline in the number of Pygmy people.

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