Are there any public electric vehicle charging stations yet?



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    I’m assuming you’re asking about stations in United States. The answer is yes, and you can use the website listed in citations to look them up. There aren’t many though, I was able to find about 14 in Northeast, 4 in Florida, 5 in Texas, 1 in Tennessee, another 10 in Chicago area, 32 in Northwest, and 1 in Arizona. The only location with a lot of them is California – 348 stations.

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    Yes.  California is leading the chargeā€”LA has had 400 for the past decade because of its mostly electric bus fleet and plans to update these and add 100 more by the end of 2011.  Oregon has a number of them.  New York just got its first solar powered EV charge station and Chicago has the first wind-powered and first solar-powered one.  Hawaii just got its first EV station in January 2010. They are popping up everywhere!

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