Are there any programs that reward you for saving energy?



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    You can get tax credits for purchasing more energy efficient appliances, and for making home improvements that make your house more efficient (with new windows, doors, insulation, etc.). These changes not only save you money on the energy bill, but with tax savings as well. Every state has different tax credits and laws, so check with your local government to find out more.

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    There are many rewards for conservation available. Federal tax credits and rebates are available for the purchase of energystar appliances. Also there are tax credits and even low-interest loans available from the US Department of Energy for making energy or water conservation upgrades to your home. State and local governments have similar programs and many communities have have banded together in order to order and install solar panels in bulk programs, such the GoSolar program in Berkeley, California. Another place to check is your water and energy provider. They usually have a separate incentives and pricing structure for solar power.

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