Are there any products that still use aerosol cans?



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    Absolutely — cooking oil, deoderant, insectisides, sunblock, medicine, coolant, cleaning fluid…the list goes on and on. I bet you could find an aerosol in your house almost without effort — just open up some cabinets.

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    Yes, there are many products that still use aerosol cans including insecticides, deoderants and paints. The can themselves are not necessarily the harmful aspects of the can but rather the chemicals used as propellents such as Chloroflourocarbons, CFCs, that contributed heavily to the holes in the ozone layer. 

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    Alternatives to the aerosol can, if you would still like your liquid products to be misted, are spray bottles and pump style spray cans in which a mist is released via pressure produced by a hand operated pump. This allows you the opportunity to create your own earth-friendly insecticides and air fresheners at home. 

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