Are there any printing companies that use only recycled paper?



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    Recycled Paper Printing, Inc. uses only recycled paper.  Ecoprint also uses recycled paper, and has a 100% carbon neutral printing process. 

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    Greendot in New York City uses recycled paper and also chlorine-free paper. To top it off, they also use vegetable based inks. The second link below has other printing companies that are very eco-friendly, even if they don’t solely use recycled paper.

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    Recycled Paper Printing here.  We’re the nation’s oldest sustainably-oriented printer.  We too have been using soy inks since 1983.  And, 100% of our electricity is from 100% certified wind-energy credits.  (Some of our recycled papers are also carbon neutral — made with wind or hydroelectric power.)  (citation: owner)

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