Are there any primates that live close to the ocean?



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    Yes…sea monkeys!  Ahem…heh.  Sorry.  Couldn’t resist.  But seriously, yes.  Primates live in a variety of habitats, and some of them include coastal shrubland.  Lemurs live on the island of Madagascar, which, being an island and all, is surrounded by the ocean.

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    Humans are a part of the primate biological order and they live pretty much everywhere.  Other than humans, most primates live in tropical and subtropical regions of the Americas, Asia, and Africa.  I am sure there are primates that live in national parks near the ocean of those regions.

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         The Proboscis monkey of Borneo’s coastal mangrove forests not only lives near the coast, it is an excellent swimmer. It can swim as much as 65.6 feet (20 meters) completely submerged. Its swimming skills are useful in a habitat dominated by rivers and river mouths. While on the run from predators, the monkeys have been known to drop themselves into the water from high branches. Proboscis monkeys are occasionally swept out to sea by river currents; fishing boats have picked them up in the open ocean up to a mile from shore. 

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