Are there any pretty flowers I can plant that will help get rid of mosquitoes?



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    Marigolds naturally repel mosquitoes; the oils in the flowers are used in commercial mosquito sprays. Marigolds are easy to grow and have a long growing season. The link below has a few other suggestions of plants you can grow to repel mosquitoes; they’re not all flowering plants like marigolds but might be worth looking into.

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    Marigolds (left) and Citronella (right) are both flowering plants that naturally repel mosquitos.  Other plants include rosemary, catnip, ageratum (another flowering plant), and mint plants.

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    I would add Lemon Bee Balm (or Monarda citriodora):

    In addition to repelling mosquitos, it gives off a lovely citrus smell, attracts bees and butterflies, and is super easy to grow (and spreads quickly). You should be able to find seeds at your local gardening store. For more information on turning your flowers into natural insect repellent, see the second link below.

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    it will depend on where you live, what the best and most indigenous plants to use are, where we live we use Rosemary and Lavendar to help repel mosquitoes.  Bonus is that we always have fresh rosemary for cooking and we use the lavendar for sachets.

    Other things that have been found to attract mosquitoes are people that have been eating processed sugary foods, while seeming to be less attracted to people eating more garlic, onions, whole grains, fruits and vegetables.  Also make sure there is  no source of standing water and any breeze (or fan) will help as well.



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