Are there any prefab homes that use the straw bale technology?



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    Yes, there starting to be prefab straw bale homes available to consumers.  A UK prefab company, ModCell integrates straw bale into prefabricated panels to construct their homes.  The homes capitalize upon the great insulation straw bale provides and produce nearly zero waste in prefabrication.  Photos of these beautiful homes can be found on the website link below.

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    There is also a new technology making prefab straw bale walls for homes. Check out the 1st link below for more information. “This new technique allows straw bale walls to be built and installed as cost-effectively as conventional construction materials and methods”, said Chris Magwood.  “This prefabrication technique eliminates the disadvantages that have kept straw bale construction out of the mainstream building industry. Panels can be produced year-round, are perfectly straight and square, and there is no need for expensive plastering labour in their production.”

    The 2nd link is for a company that does prefabs with straw bale and hemp.

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