Are there any PR campaigns in Asia about rhino horn?

All 5 species of rhino are endangered, most of them critically so. The biggest threat rhinos face is poaching for their horns, as in traditional oriental medicine they’re considered to be a powerful cure. BUT, study after study has shown that eating rhino horn is no more effective a cure than chewing your fingernails.

If rhinos are to have ANY hope this poaching has to stop. Is there any movement in Asia to inform the public about the ineffectiveness of rhino horn? There was a big Asian conservation group (I don’t remember the name!) that had campaigns with Chinese celebrities… One was against shark fin soup… Are any similar campaigns being launched against rhino horn? I think it could be really effective.




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    Dr. Alber Lim Kok Hooi is a Malaysian oncologist who has been attempting to fuel the campaign to inform the public that rhino horns have not medicinal value. The way he speaks of the public seems to send the message that educational reform is the answer. He says “Many patients have really no idea what the human body is made up of and how it works. Knowledge of the causation of disease is even more abysmal,”.

    Also, attached is an interesting article on a Nepalese community group that stood up against poachers.

    I tried to find the Chinese celebrity campaign but to no avail! I hope it comes to you and you share with us! It’s not just the rhinos that are in trouble when masses believe such absurdities! 

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    NatGeo is all over the influx in rhino poaching, and has published numerous articles explaining the ineffectiveness of the horn in medicinal practices.  Reportedly, someone/people have begun poisoning rhino horns in Thailand as means of gathering press over the issue.  A man apparently died from consuming posioned rhino horn, and it is speculated his death was a publicity stunt by conservationists to deter others from taking it. 

    Nonetheless, any real high-profile publicity campaign in Asia remains to be seen.  Perhpas in its infantile stages somewhere, it is not yet newsworthy.  The increasing attention South Africa is getting by internatioinal media, however, about the extroadinarily high poaching rates should be sure to soon trigger some local, grassroots organizations to start raising community awareness. 

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