Are there any positive things that come from deforestation?



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    You get a lot of trees that can be used for paper, lumber, and so on. You get open land that can be used for growing crops. Whether that’s worth all the negative trade-offs is questionable.

  2. emc
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    The simple truth remains that we need trees and tree products in order to survive.  Houses, paper, and other products are all benefits of the forest industry.   Recycling and replanting forests can help reduce the negative impact that has resulted from overuse.  There has to be a balance, but that balance has been severely distorted. 

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    Money, jobs, farmland, wood for furniture like the one you’re sitting in right now as you read this, wood for the walls of the house like the one you’re in right now as you read this, wood for tables like the one you eat off every day, etc.

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