Are there any positive effects of typhoons?



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    It may be surprising, but there sure are! Typhoons, which is another word for hurricanes, can bring much needed moisture to an area. Now, like all things, there is a limit to how much is good, but it is a potential positive effect. If a hurricane hits, more are less likely to hit. So a “minor” hurricane is actually a blessing in disguise as it can shield from more severe ones. Perhaps most importantly, is hurricanes are a natural part of temperature regulation in the tropics. If they didn’t happen, the area around the equator would be one giant desert.    

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    Amazingly, yes.  To begin with, typhoons bring rain (and lots of it).  While receiving all your rain at once in the form of a massive storm might not seem ideal, some regions of the world actually depend on the typhoon season to provide them with rain.  In fact, Japan receives half of its rain from typhoons.  Another positive effect of typhoons is their cooling effect.  All the turmoil they cause churns up the ocean and brings cooler water to the surface; typhoons also suck up hot air and carry it away from tropical regions.  This cooling effect not only makes life more comfortable for those living in tropical regions, but also makes conditions less favorable for future storms.

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