Are there any politicians that are trying to push for a feed in tariff?



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    Yes, there are! An example is Britain’s Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, Ed Miliband who apparently “put a British stamp of approval on feed-in tariffs as a policy mechanism for developing renewable energy” in July of 2009. Britain’s feed-in tariff program was set to begin in April 2010 after extensive debate and compromise. The important elements are:

    • Program Cap: 2% of Supply, 8 TWh in 2020
    • Project Cap: 5 MW
    • Generator can be green field (doesn’t have to be a metered customer)
    • Contract Term: 20 years, solar PV 25 years
    • Program Review: 2013
    • Costs for the program will be borne by all British ratepayers proportionally
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