Are there any poisonous insects in America?



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    Absolutely there are. One of the most common poisonous insects seen often in America is the wasp. This flying stinger is present all across America and send many in to anaphylactic shock with just one sting. 

    Fire ants are also quite common in America and pack a punch in their bite. The ants do not bite unless provoked but when they do, the bite is extremely painful. A few bites can be treated easily, but multiple bites can actually lead to death. 

    Bees are also poisionous and can have the same effects that wasps do on humans. 

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    I know spiders are not technically insects, but here is a great long list of each type of venomous spider located in each state in the United States. The list is not exhaustive, but serves as a decent collection of commonly found poisonous spiders by state. Check out the link provided in the citations, the site provides information about all kinds of poisionous animals, including insects. 

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