Are there any poisonous bumblebees?



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    All bees contain poison in their stingers.  If you’re allergic to bees, this poison can be lethal.  If you’re not allergic, the sting of a single bumblebee specifically won’t be particularly deadly, but there are species of bee which are more dangerous than others.  The African Killer bee swarms in greater numbers, delivering ten times as many stings, and will react much quicker to disturbance.  A highly aggressive bee, these guys will swarm and chase after an intruder for a quarter of a mile!

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    All bees, wasps, and yellow jackets are poisonous to a certain extent, pumping venom into you when you get stung by them. The important factor here is how your body reacts to it. People who are deathly allergic to bees can die from too many stings, whereas others with slight reactions can experience swelling, itching, and even difficulty breathing.

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