Are there any platinum LEED certified apartment complexes?



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    Los Vecinos in the Chula Vista section of San Diego is the first LEED-certified platinum, 100% solar powered apartment complex.  Wakeland Housing and Development Corp. is responsible for creating this affordable housing complex, which offers 1, 2, or 3 bedroom homes on three floors.  

     Los Vecinos Apartment Complex Artists Rendering San Diego Image

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    A little bit further north in Portland, Oregon is the nation’s first LEED-platinum certified apartment building EVER (according to owner Oakwood Worldwide).  The apartment complex is known as “Indigo”.  It was also Portland’s first building to sport roof-top wind turbines.  These wind turbines generate about 9,000 kilowatt hours, annually (which is only about 1% of the building’s total energy usage).  They also have a roof-top gardening system that utilizes collected rainwater to keep plants watered.

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