Are there any plants that survive in extreme heat?



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    Although few, there are still a variety of plants that are able to survive extreme desert heat. Most cacti and various species such as Salvia Dorrii, Artemisia tridentata, and other xerophytes (organisms/plants that can survive where there is little available water) can survive these extreme temperatures.

    Just in case you are were wondering whether plants can survive in survive fire hot conditions; no, they would burn–*smiley face.* The hottest recorded place on earth is El Azizia, Libya–a desert.

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    There are numerous species of large trees that flourish in hot, arid, dry climates.  One of the most recognizable of these species is the Baobab tree.  It is the national tree of Madagascar, where six of the eight Baobab species exist.  There also exist one species of Baobab throughout Africa and one in Australia.  Trees that flourish in dry, hot, desert environments have the capability of expanding their trucks to store water for the inevitable periods of drought, much like cacti do.

    [img_assist|nid=189377|title=Baobab of Madagascar|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=640|height=480]

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    Many vines and climbers are also capable of surviving hot climates, having evolved symbiotically with large desert trees such that the vine and tree each provide each other modest shade from the most burning rays of the sun depending on the time of day and angle of sunlight.

    Some of these vines include honeysuckles, bouganvilleas, and trumpet vines, including the Trumpet Creeper (pictured) which thrives in hot weather, growing up to 40 feet in temperatures exceeding 100 degrees.


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